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Intentional organization × HOLISTIC SIMPLIFICATION

HOUSE PEACE exists to organize and simplify homes all over the Birmingham, Alabama area and beyond.

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Simplifying and beautifying your home sounds wonderful, but often we face the clutter and disarray with feelings of overwhelming fear, fatigue, and even shame. HOUSE PEACE takes a holistic approach to your life: your family, your schedules, your finances, and your particular needs and desires. This isn't just organizing; HOUSE PEACE helps you utilize your home base to work for you, not against you. Creating flow systems, developing habits, and giving you the tools you need to facilitate order, HOUSE PEACE brings more than just order to a kitchen junk drawer. They empower you to give your home and family a less stressful lifestyle, so you can stop worrying about your home and focus on the things that matter.

HOUSE PEACE is led by founder Tara Bremer, who has been bringing peace into homes for over six years. She holds a BA in Psychology from Purdue University, and a Master's in Counseling from Moravian Theological Seminary. She brings this knowledge of the human condition, behavioral psychologies, and habit formations to every home she visits, all with a judgement-free mentality. Whether she's helping you formulate a plan to maximize closet space, or cleaning out your laundry room, Tara and her team love every aspect of the brain puzzle that is organizing and simplifying a home.

In addition to being Birmingham's most trusted and respected home simplifier, Tara puts her experience to the test every day with her own family, as a wife and mother of three.

HOUSE PEACE wouldn't be the amazing, collaborative business it is today without the help of the HOUSE PEACE Partners. Click here to meet them!


When you partner with HOUSE PEACE, we work with you to create and implement a fully customized plan that considers your life and budget. Simply choose a plan to get started.

Customized assessment


For those that are self-motivated and want to do their organizing on their own, a Customized Assessment includes a 1 hour in-person tour where a HOUSE PEACE partner dives into the mechanics of your home and your schedule, taking pictures of your space and asking questions to better understand your goals. The Initial Assessment includes a customized shopping list for each client based on their needs and spaces.


Starting at $100/hour

We work side-by-side with you to declutter, simplify, consolidate, contain, & tidy your space. These sessions are three hours or more hours, with one or more HOUSE PEACE Partners. We would love to help you in your home, classroom, dorm room, office, or any other space! House Peace can help you navigate through life transitions like moving, adding family members, retirement, death in the family. or even going off to college. Minimum of 3 hours.

THE Virtual PLAN

Starting at $75/hour

A virtual session is an hour-long conversation on FaceTime or Skype where we discuss your space in-depth and come up with strategies, products, and new ways of organizing your belongings. We follow up the session with an email detailing your to-do list and your to-buy list. This is a great option for someone who is motivated, but doesn’t quite know where to start!



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