AMANDA BROWN is an early childhood specialist with two children. She received her BA in EL ED from the University of North Alabama and is a former public school teacher. Her sweet spot at HOUSE PEACE is kids rooms (but we're convinced she can really do anything), where she brings her magic to helping kids develop positive habits and showing them that HOUSE PEACE can be fun (and save them from having to clean up their rooms all the time). 

STACEY BOOTH is wife to Brad & mother to two young kids, so she definitely understands the balance of trying to maintain a household while sweeping the floor for the hundredth time today. A former NICU nurse and Troy University graduate, Stacey's speciality is helping you love the space you are in, and it is her joy to see you become the hero of your home.


EMILY YOUNG is wife to Andrew & a homeschooling mom of three teenagers. Through personal experience (moving 17 times in 16 years), she has learned the art of simplifying & maximizing small spaces. Her family of five lives in an 1100 square foot home, so she often thinks outside the box, making her the HOUSE PEACE expert on making any size space work for you. Emily enjoys creating beauty combined with organization in any space. 


PENNY THOMAS has been married to Brian for 21 years, and they have moved 11 times in those 21 years! She currently home schools their two boys, ages 15 and 12. An organized person by nature, Penny’s passion is to create a space that flows with the purpose for the room, and is not cluttered with excess. To keep things minimal personally, she loves to purge each room in her family's home and does it at the end of every season. Penny enjoys helping you make sense of the way your space works for your family.


ASHLEY BRYANT is a former educator, so organization and labeling  are second nature to her after years in the classroom setting. She loves helping people go from being overwhelmed by clutter, to an organization system that fits their individual lifestyles. When she isn’t organizing for HOUSE PEACE, Ashley can be found doing some form of exercise since she is a certified fitness instructor. Along with teaching classes at Helena Health Club, she also does some neighborhood training sessions with moms and friends. Ashley loves motivating others to get stronger and healthier. She and her husband, Davey, are parents of two little girls, Mae and Mary Sanders. They are active members of Church of the Highlands and love taking family adventures together.


ROBIN MCNEESE has been bringing peace to homes since October 2017, and as a former retail manager, she has a keen sense of how to make the most out of any space. Organizing closets and kitchens are her speciality, and she loves to help clients think through the "why" of their home organization systems. In addition to being a single mom to one 4-legged child, Robin maintains HOUSE PEACE social media, so make sure to like the Facebook page and say hey!


KENDRA KNOWLES has been organizing things as long as she can remember, and is thrilled to be a part of bringing order and peace to your home. She would love to walk alongside you as you sort through clutter, excess, necessities, treasures, and forgotten items. Kendra is wife to Chris and mother to two girls, and has worked in restaurants, dental labs, and banks. She's also been a registrar and violin teacher, organizing and attending to detail all along the way.  She especially enjoys organizing crafts and toys as well as offices, and would love to help you organize your digital life as well: files, emails, photos, phone notes, and more. Life comes at you fast and she can help you create systems to keep chaos at bay!