When you choose MOVING PREP & UNPACKING, a HOUSE PEACE Partner will work with you to go through your current home, simplifying and consolidating the things you want to take, and helping you find a new home (or dispose of) the things you no longer need.

Your HOUSE PEACE Partner will also work with you and your family on Moving Day, unpacking you in an organized manner, and helping you set up your new home so that it works for you.

The goal of MOVING PREP & UNPACKING is to streamline your move to help you enter your new home with peace and purpose.


"HOUSE PEACE is many things, but it truly is house peace for me and my family, They have helped me unpack boxes from when we moved into our new home 2 years ago, and start assigning a place for items that were either displaced, or just needed to go. [Tara] works with me based on my need for day-to-day peace, which goes all the way down to how my laundry is done and where it goes! I will continue to use this service over and over. My linen closet is immaculate, and my children can locate all of their toys in their toy room. Still to come: Garage and back porch!!!!" - LOREN B.