We love our clients & they love us back. If you're wondering what it's like to bring HOUSE PEACE into your home, these two blog entries from satisfied customers are a great place to start:

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Check out some of the great things other clients have said about HOUSE PEACE.

Tara and Amanda have been unofficially (and officially) House Peacing me for years and I’m still learning from them every time I’m with them and especially when I’m in their homes. One of my biggest takeaways lately has been in my willingness to admit that one of the biggest hurdles to my own house peace is just how much stuff I still have. We have years and years of hand-me-down furniture, housewares, sentimental pieces and knick-knacks. We also have two children who seem to attract plastic crap and toys and papers and trash like it is their sole purpose for living. It is so easy for me to think that we have a unique situation and that my chaos is just harder than your chaos and that’s why I can’t manage it. I know there are lots of factors contributing to the stress-inducing, disorganized areas in our home (and Tara and Amanda are so good at helping me name these in a judgment free way). Today it just seems really clear to me that I have to continue to thank my stuff for the purpose it has served and then kick it to the curb. I have yet to miss something that I have given away and only enjoyed the peace and freedom from having less stuff!
— Erin N.
I wanted to thank Amanda with HOUSE PEACE. She came to my home and collaborated with me on my concerns and wish list for our playroom. Thanks to Amanda and the "fresh" ideas she brought along with her, our playroom is not only functional but pretty. Bins with added picture labels make clean up a breeze and everything finally has a place. - Michelle S.
Just a few favorite things about HOUSE PEACE--The fact that I know where everything is may be the biggest time saver ever! The simple fact that I'm not spending time picking up one thousand things that don't belong in my kitchen leaves me time to enjoy my family and have sparkling countertops which has never happened before! Also, my attitude towards cooking, cleaning and enjoying my people has drastically improved since my brain has free space!!!! Not to mention they are friendly, trustworthy and honest. Oh, and doing the same life so very relatable!!! - Tarayn C.
Just a few tips I've learned from HOUSE PEACE: how to travel with packing cubes, small storage containers to orgonize my daughter's kitchen products (i.e. sippy cups, plates, snack containers, etc), and organizing wall art in a beautiful collage. - Leslie T.
HOUSE PEACE is many things, but it truly is house peace for me and my family, They have helped me unpack boxes from when we moved into our new home 2 years ago, and start assigning a place for items that were either displaced, or just needed to go. She works with me based on my need for day to day peace, which goes all the way down to how my laundry is done and where it goes! I will continue to use this service over and over. My linen closet is immaculate, and my children can locate all of their toys in their toy room. Still to come: Garage and back porch!!!! - Loren B.
I was about to lose my sanity in my laundry room trying to keep up with laundry for seven people in a very crowded and chaotic space! Tara and I spent the afternoon purging and organizing and I feel like I regained my space! She also toured my house and gave me advice and ideas on how to use our space to the max. Not only is she knowledgeable and energizing, but she's great company, too! If you have a space that needs to be more organized call her now! I promise she can help you make your space work better for you! I can't wait until she comes back to help me tackle closets! - Brecca P.