When you choose THE PERSONAL SHOPPING PLAN, a HOUSE PEACE Partner will put their purchasing power to work & knock out the list of items that HOUSE PEACE recommends in their Whole Home Plan. It saves you time & energy, & you can rest easy knowing that HOUSE PEACE is getting the best deals for you.


"I was about to lose my sanity in my laundry room trying to keep up with laundry for seven people in a very crowded and chaotic space! Tara and I spent the afternoon purging and organizing and I feel like I regained my space! She also toured my house and gave me advice and ideas on how to use our space to the max. Not only is she knowledgeable and energizing, but she's great company, too! If you have a space that needs to be more organized call her now! I promise she can help you make your space work better for you! I can't wait until she comes back to help me tackle closets!"  - BRECCA P.